Tips For Finding The Right Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial Dishwasher

If you are running a restaurant or hotel, then you will need a commercial dishwasher. What is a commercial dishwasher? It is nothing but a dishwasher that can handle big load of soiled dishes. This particularly helps in the space, where there is the huge number of dining guests. If you are looking for a nice place to find commerical dishwashers, you can read the article further. In this article, we will provide plenty of tips that can help you find and shop the right commercial dishwasher. You can get some great tips on choosing the best the dishwasher for different requirements.

A commercial dishwasher can help a restaurant or café in many ways. As per, a huge commercial dishwasher can clean the big load of soiled dishes in less time, thereby saving lots of time and labor. As the commercial dishwasher can clean quickly, you do not need to make the customers wait for long, thereby achieving better customer satisfaction. Restaurants should comply with health code set by the authorities. By using the commercial dishwasher, the risk of health code violation can be prevented. In this highly competitive business environment, having a commercial dishwasher is a must.

Now let us look into different types of commercial dishwashers. Under the counter commercial dishwasher, as the name says, is a unit that is installed under the countertop. This kind of dishwasher is smaller in size, and hence they are ideal for smaller restaurants that have lesser space and lesser customer traffic. If you are using this in a bigger restaurant, then you cannot serve your customers quickly. This dishwasher is cheaper and easier to install than the bigger dishwasher.

Glass washers are the type of dishwashers that exclusively made for cleaning glasses. As the glasses are very fragile, they are more likely to break, when placed in the dishwasher with other hard dishes. Glasswashers delivers gentle water flow that will remove the dirt from the glasses without breaking them. Glasswashers can be found in under counter and other styles. They also come in different sizes to accommodate different volumes of dishes at a time.

The door type commercial dishwasher is designed to accommodate huge quantity of soiled dishes at a time. This type of dishwasher is great for any big restaurants. Not only they clean the dishes quickly, but also easy to use. On the downside, this dishwasher consumes more space and also energy and water. Henceforth, this dishwasher is ideal only for restaurants with constant and huge customer traffic.

The conveyor type commercial dishwasher is the biggest in size among all the types. They are great for space with huge customer traffic. This can handle more quantities of dishes in a single batch and also delivers powerful cleaning. On the flips side, this dishwasher takes up more space and not ideal for small kitchens. It also consumes lots of power and water.

Factors to consider when choosing a commercial dishwasher are the price, cost, and size. Commercial dishwashers are manufactured by different companies, do take time to read the reviews and find the right one.